Special Seminar

Prof. Jihong Zhu

Title: Manipulation of Flexible Objects

Presenter: jihong Zhu (York University)

Date : 21st, May, 2024

DLR - Osaka Univ. EXChange SEMINAR

Title: A Geometric Perspective on Robotics in a Nutshell

Presenter: Arne Sachtler (German Aerospace Center, DLR)

Title: Segmentation and Coverage Planning of Freeform Geometries for Robotic Surface Finishing

Presenter: Stefan Schneyer (German Aerospace Center, DLR)

Title: Intelligent Dexterous Manipulation Humanoid Agile Justin Meets Learning AI

Presenter: Leon Sievers (German Aerospace Center, DLR)

Date : 20th, May, 2024

Prof. Georgia Chalvatzaki

Title : On the role of Structure in Robot Learning of manipulation skills

Presenter: Georgia Chalvatzaki (TU Darmstadt)and two Ph.D students

Date : 31st, Oct, 2022

Dr. Olivier Stasse

Title : Memory of Motion: An approach to combine efficiently Model Predictive Control and Neural Networks

Presenter: Olivier Stasse (LAAS-CNRS)

Date : 28th, Oct, 2022

Dr. Maximo A. Roa

Title : Compliant manipulation for ground and space applications

Presenter: Maximo A. Roa (DLR)

Date : 20th, Oct, 2022


Title : 心身一体感のシステム・インテグレーション

Presenter: 田中良幸氏 (長崎大学)

Date : 27th, Dec, 2021


Title : 次世代産業用ロボットのための磁性流体ハンドの開発

Presenter: 西田健氏 (KiQ Robotics/九州工業大)

Date : 3rd, Aug, 2020

Prof. Dmitry Berenson

Title : Manipulation of Flexible Objects

Presenter: Prof. Dmitry Berenson (Univ. of Michigan)

Date : 29th, Oct, 2019


Title : 3K職場の過酷な作業はロボットで!

Presenter: 細見成人(東洋理機工業株式会社)

Date : 23rd, July, 2019

Dr. Jonghoon Park

Title : Analomy of Cobot: Case of Neuromeka's Indy 

Presenter: Dr. Jonghoon Park (CEO, Neuromeka)

Date : 1st, February, 2019

Prof. Marco Santello

Title : Sensorimotor Control of the Hand: Theoretical Frameworks, Robotics, and Biomedical Applications

Presenter: Prof. Marco Santello (Arizona State University)

Date : 8th, August, 2018

Prof. Kris Hauser

Presenter: Kris Hauser (Duke University)

Date : 3th, August, 2017