"The hand is the second brain", this phrase alludes to how hand functions are directly related to human intelligence. In our laboratory, we are studying and developing practical robotic systems by engineering dexterous movements of human fingers and arms to investigate human intelligence.



December, 16th

Xinyi Zhang (D2) received the Young Scientist Incentive Award of SICE SI Division.

December, 10th

Fukumoto, who was enrolled as a working doctoral student, received the FA Foundation Dissertation Award for his dissertation

October, 4th

Xinyi Zhang (D2) and Tomohiro Motoda (D2) received the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Japan Joint Chapter Young Award (IROS, CASE 2021) at IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems.

October, 1st

Dr. Hu Zhengtao joined as a Project Researcher.

September, 30th

Tomohiro Motoda (D2) and Masato Tsuru (D1) were selected as DC2 of JSPS.

September, 12th

In WRS (World Robot Summit), Industry Robotics Category, O2AC, a joint team of OMRON, Osaka University, Chukyo University, and AIST, won the third prize and the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence Award. Zhengtao Hu (D3) and Cristian Beltran (D2) participated in the team as interns at OMRON SINIC X.

September, 10th

Yan Wang (D3) and Hao Chen (M1) were selected as the Best Presentation Award Finalist of the 3rd International Session of the Robotics Society of Japan.

June, 7th

Dr. Takuya Kiyokawa and Masato Tsuru (D1) received the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Japan Joint Chapter Young Award (ICRA 2021) at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.


Dr. Takuya Kiyokawa joined our lab as a Project Assistant Professor.

January, 14th

Yusuke Hayami (M2) was selected as Best Paper Award Finalist at IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integrations (SII).


December, 25th

Jingren Xu (D2), Xinyi Zhang (D1), Takumi Sakamoto (M2), Daniel Sanchez (M2) and Hao Chen (M2) received the SI2020 Best Presentation Award.

October, 10th

Ruishuang Liu (D2) won the Finalist of the 2nd International Session Best Presentation Award at the Robotics Society of Japan.

August, 3rd

Dr. Takeshi Nishida (KiQ Robotics/Kyutech) gave a lecture to our laboratory.

May, 28th

At the Robotics and Mechatronics Conference 2020:

Masato Tsuru (M2) received The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) Young Outstanding Lecture Fellow Award.

Dr. Keisuke Koyama received the ROBOMECH Award (Academic Field) in the Robotics and Mechatronics Division from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

March, 10th

Hao Chen's (Dr. Wan's group) research results were featured in IEEE Spectrum Video Friday.
(It is the 10th video from the top)

February, 28th

Kento Nakayama (M2) received the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE) Academic Encouragement Award.


December, 21st

The World Robot Summit (WRS) was held and the team "O2AS" led by Dr. Weiwei Wan participated.

December, 19th

Cristian Beltran (D1), Yusuke Hayami (M2), Ryota Moriyama (M2), and Hao Chen (M2) received the SI2019 Best Presentation Award.

December, 18th ~ 21st

MagLinkage hand (Dr. Keisuke Koyama's research result) was exhibited at the MTL booth at the International Robot Exhibition. 

November, 6th

Hu Zhengtao (D1) received the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Japan Joint Chapter Young Award (2019) at the international conference IROS.

November, 4th ~ 8th

Hu Zhengtao (D1), Kazuki Higashi (M2), Joshua Triyonoputro (M2), and Ryota Moriyama (M2) presented at the international conference IROS.
Dr. Kensuke Harada participated in a workshop on component assembly as an organizer,
Dr. Weiwei Wan participated in a workshop on manipulation as an organizer and
Dr. Keisuke Koyama participated in the workshop of proximity sensor as a co-organizer.

November, 2nd

Mohamed Raessa (D2) was selected as Best Student Paper Finalist at the IEEE International Conference on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts.

October, 1st

Dr. Keisuke Koyama joined our lab as a new Assistant Professor.

September, 29th

For the lab trip, we went to Tokushima, Kotohira and Kurashiki.

September, 16th

The results of our laboratory's work were shown at Monoist.

September, 3rd

The results of our laboratory's work were presented at the Robotics Society of Japan Annual Conference:

Sato et al., Pose Estimation of Glossy Objects Using Templates

Higashi et al., Sub-synergy: Experimental Investigation of Synergy Considering Joints Necessary for Task Execution

Fukumoto et al., Multi-step Force Control Based on Human Task Characteristics

Wang et al., Motion Planning through Demonstration to Deal with Complex Motions in Assembly Process

Beltran et al., Reinforcement Learning Framework for Real-world Robotic Arm

Sanchez et al., Cable Manipulation Planning for Tethered Tool Handling with Robot Arms

Triyonoptro et al., Towards Picking Up an Object Using Two Plates Considering Contact Stability

Raessa et al., Gravity Torque based Constrained Motion Planning for Heavy, Long Objects Manipulation

Wang et al., Towards a Method of Multi-contact Stability of Humanoid using ZMP and CWC

August, 29th

Press release of our laboratory's results with AIST and Chubu University