About US

Harada Laboratory is a new laboratory started in April, 2016. In this laboratory, we are conducting research on "manipulation techniques" in robotics using robotic arms and hands. The motto of our laboratory is to "Have fun and do your best". People are at their most brilliant and fulfilled when they are concentrated on what they are interested in. We hope that the students in our laboratory will find joy in their research and have a fulfilling student life.

About Robotic Manipulation

Faculty in charge: Professor Harada, Associate Professor Wan, Assistant Professor Koyama, Assistant Professor Kiyokawa


Manipulation means using a robotic manipulator equipped with a hand at its end to "manipulate" the object. The dexterity of the human hand is extremely sophisticated, making it very challenging to realize the functions of the human hand with a robot. Humans casually grasp daily objects with their hands and perform various tasks, but they are able to perform them due to having a variety of prior knowledge. Therefore, it is far more difficult to achieve this with a robot than one might expect, and it is a very deep issue. To elucidate the function of the human hand is to elucidate human intelligence. With our research, we will advance research from both academic and practical perspectives. In particular, from a practical point of view, we focus on manipulation by industrial robots. However, the research themes of  our laboratory are not limited to these. If you are interested in anything, please feel free to knock on the door of our laboratory.